Content Management

Content Management

Google loves frequent updates… So do your visitors

Fresh Content Matters

Whether it’s a new product, a new service, or a new event, your visitors deserve up-to-date, relevant content. It’s the best way to keep them engaged, loyal, and returning often. Your website becomes more useful.

A static website that is rarely or never updated may seem “dead” to search engines, and its rankings will most likely fall.

Give Google and other search crawlers a reason to come back and re-index your website more often. Fresh content should be added as often as possible. Whenever you do, search engines will take notice and adjust your ranking soon thereafter.

We’ve Got the Time…

Content ManagementMany of our clients are too busy managing their businesses to devote a lot of effort to keeping their sites current. Whether you have a static HTML/CSS coded website, or a content management system like WordPress, we can help you keep your content fresh.

Email or call us with the changes and edits you’d like to make, and we can usually get them done in 24 hours. In many cases, the same day.

Hey, it’s what we do!

Take a minute. Get in touch. We can help!